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Hope opts for plastic / ADAMS® packing technology in its new London Terminal
Release time:2016-07-26 viewed:87 BACK

Clean, tear-resistant and flexible; the trend isshifting to plastic packaging. UK cement manufacturer Hope Cement hasrecognized this trend and will implement polyethylene (PE) packaging with theROTO-PACKER® ADAMS® 10 from HAVER & BOECKER at its Dagenham terminal nearLondon.

In June the ADAMS® andthe palletizer made by Newtec went into operation with a speed of 1200 bags perhour.

 “We wantthe best benefits and services for our customers. PE packaging here plays animportant role. Retailers and wholesalers can increase their stock levels andconstruction companies can leave their bags outside in the open without worry,no matter what the weather is,” says Gary Brennand, commercial director at HopeCement. The interior space that is urgently needed thus can be used for otherproducts. And that’s not the only advantage. “Safety also plays a large roleand bag cleanliness provides our customers and ourselves with easier handling,” saysBrennand.

The roughly 60percent PE packaging found in England’s construction industry speak volumes. Asurvey conducted by Hope Cement reached the same result. After surveying constructioncompanies and construction traders to find out more about the needs of theircustomers, the result was clear. “Both showed preference for plastic,” saidBrennand. This served to enhance Hope’s aim of securely and successfullypositioning itself on the market with complete plastic packaging.

PE bags bring advantages to cement manufacturersas well. Brennand adds, “It allows us to stock more product and thus achieveextraordinary and constant throughput times. The bags are cleaner, produce lessdust and contribute to cleaner surroundings for our employees.”

The decision to change to PE was further spurredon by its cooperation with HAVER & BOEKER Brennand continued: “We aim to bethe best and realized quickly that the ADAMS® technology is an important factorin doing so. In speed, dependability, accuracy and the end product, thistechnology is market leading and all were fundamental elements in ourdecision-making. The ADAMS® technology is theindustry leader. A reputation that is as strong as our products.”

Also Sebastian Südhoff, Sales Manager for ADAMS®,looks ahead at the cooperation with optimizm and is upbeat about the future ofthe company. “Hope Cement is a young, innovative company which has recognizedthe market trend in England and has optimally positioned itself for the comingyears with its investment in the large production site near London.”