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Microsite with information on filling powder-type products into PE packaging
Release time:2015-01-29 viewed:90 BACK

At www.packyourpowder.cominterested visitors can get informed on the filling ofpowder products into PE packages. The market is changing, and when it comes topacking powdery products the future lies in PE. The Microsite underscores theimportance of this future technology and provides information in a concise andclear manner.

“What advantages do I get from PE bags?” The rubric“Your Benefits” looks at this fundamental question. Here interested persons areinformed about the system advantages of PE packaging and can learn more abouthow it is possible to profit from using the ADAMS® technology – aninnovation that is specially aimed at filling powder-type products into PE bags.

The rubric of “Your ADAMS®” providesinformation on what system best suits the requirements at hand. Whether theright solution for the customer is a rotating high-speed system, a stationarysystem that offers flexibility, or a filling system for small bags, the ADAMS®technology provides a variety of alternatives to suit all demands. This is truefor the cement, building materials, minerals, and chemical industries.

Under the rubric “Your Experts”, specialists fromthese fields will answer your questions about the ADAMS® technology.Every Microsite visitor has the opportunity to ask questions or to contact theexperts directly. Answers will also be published at the site. Finally the “InformationCenter” has a collection of digital information available, such as videos orpublications.