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BEHN + BATES was Awarded an International FoodTec Award in Silver
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The DLG (German Agricultural Society) has announced the winners of the 2018 International FoodTec Award. This year, the renowned prize was awarded to 17 innovations from the international food manufacturing and supply industry. Five innovations recerived the International FoodTec Award in gold, while a further 12 received the silver award.


The manufacturer BEHN + BATES Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded an International FoodTec award in silver. The recipients are selected every three years by the DLG. The award ceremony took place at Anuga FoodTec, the international supplier fair for the food and drink industry, on 20 March 2018.

International FoodTec Award in silver: BEHN + BATES 'ROTO-PACKER ADAMS CARE-LINE EDITION'  


The BEHN+BATES hygiene machine ROTO-PACKER ADAMS CARE-LINE EDITION fills 10 to 25 kilogram PE tubular plastic bags hygienically. The bag for the filling material is formed from the double-layer FFS tubular sheeting, filled and sealed tightly. The special feature is that the outer layer of the double-layer bag can be stripped off and separated from the inner bag easily and without any residues. The end user is thus always guaranteed that the inner bag remains absolutely clean, even after filling, during processing and transport, and that no foreign materials can infiltrate into the filling when the inner bag is opened.

International FoodTec Award


The International FoodTec Awards are awarded by the DLG in cooperation with the following trade and media partners: the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST); Anuga FoodTec; the specialist magazines "Fleischwirtschaft" (Meat Industry) and "Fleischwirtschaft International", published by dfv media group (Deutscher Fachverlag); the trade journals "European Dairy Magazine" and "Deutsche Milchwirtschaft" (German Dairy Farming) produced by German publisher Th. Mann; the journal "FOOD Lab - Qualitätsmanagement, Analytik und Nachhaltigkeit" (FOOD Lab - Quality Management, Analytics and Sustainability), published by Bücker-Fachverlag; the professional journal "DLG-Lebensmittel" (DLG Foods), published by the DLG; and the magazine "Lebensmitteltechnik" (Food Technology), published by LT Food Medien-Verlag.


The International FoodTec Award from DLG and its partners recognizes ground-breaking developments in innovation, sustainability and efficiency in the food technology sector. An international panel of experts from research and academia as well as representatives from the field select the most innovative concepts.


International FoodTec Award gold medals are awarded to products with a new concept in which the function has singnificantly changed and the use of which gives rise of a new process or materially improves an existing process. Silver medals are awarded to existing products that have been developed to such an extend that a substantial improvement in their function and the process is achieved.