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Our history


1887 – 1912: The beginning

Carl Haver and Eduard Boecker founded the company in Hohenlimburg, Germany, starting with the production of woven wire mesh.


The production of premium quality wire mesh thanks to mechanical weaving looms

1913 – 1937: Stabilisation


Precision weaving for screen-printing

Quality for particle analysis

Expansion of activities in machine building

1938 – 1962: Expansion


Entry into the aerospace industry with the MINIMESH twilled weaves

Definition of standards as quality features

Increased speeds for the despatch of cement

1963 – 1987: Technological breakthrough


The world as a market for packing machines and woven wire mesh

Founding of subsidiary companies in foreign countries

1988 until present: Proximity to the customers, quality assurance and internationalisation


Wave of innovation in engineered wire mesh

Analytics and quality assurance (HAVER Analytics, CPA, DEKRA EC Type certifications)

Expansion of the machinery product line (ROTO-CLASSIC, FFS, ADAMS, SpeedFlexx)

Architectural wire mesh and IMAGIC WEAVE

50 subsidiary companies and more than 150 representatives

In China 2005-2013

HAVER IBAU Shenzhen was founded in 2005
HAVER FILLING TECHNOLGY (Beijing) was founded in 2006


Implementation of a strong after sales service in China

Development of the modular inline packer system HAVER M-Series

Hundreds of packing machines sold in China

Thousands of silo components sold in China

Successful implementation of fully automatic high end packing and filling machines

2014 - Future

Starting from May 2014 the whole Haver Group was under the roof of HAVER TECHNOLOGIES (Tianjin) Ltd. in the UDA, Wuqing, Tianjin

The success story will continue…