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Our world of work

For 125 years in Germany since 7 years in China the HAVER Group  has been an attractive employer with a long family tradition. Fairness, respect and trust in the power of one's own performance are values that are important for us. They create pleasant co-operations. Everywhere in our company you will always encounter a warm "hello" and a smile

Our standard

As a traditional family company, we are proud of the share of highly motivated employees who have remained with us for years. Loyalty to the company is not something that just falls from the sky. People are always at the centre when it comes to technological progress and restructuring within the company. Mutual trust, reliability and consistency are values that are at the top of the list at all hierarchal levels.

Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture is the result of the mutual history of our company and its employees. It is what binds us. It moulds our actions and decisions. It creates a sense of community and an atmosphere where every employee is accepted, is free of fear and unfairness. It stands for our basic values…

Personnel development

Your skills development is a top priority in the HAVER Group! We continuously support your career development and prepare you for taking over new duties. The need for qualification is determined by your supervisor, measures are drawn up and implemented. We promote and develop leadership skills. Organisational development projects are accompanied by "customised" workshops. Moreover, we also support team development processes.

Our annual employee performance review meetings

The annual performance review meetings are more than just pure assessment discussions. They not only include a review of performance and completed projects, but are also about future tasks, aspects of cooperation, and the career development of each person. It is a fixed component of our corporate culture with a perspective on the future.

Become part of our team:

Would you like a job on a team where the strengths of the players are promoted and more is achieved together?

Then we look forward to receiving your CV and hope to greet you soon with a loud "Welcome to our team!“.

In addition to highly diversified and varying work fields, we offer excellent continuing education opportunities with an interesting range of courses and studies.

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