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Open bag technology

Our line-up of packing machines for open bag

Our open bag machines are cost-effective, operator-friendly, manual filling stations for open flat and side-gusset bags made of paper, PE, PP or material combinations.

In addition to the development and design of fully automatic machines for efficient filling of all types of granulate and powder products into open bags, HAVER & BOECKER also developed simple filling systems that can handle powder products gently with little dust production and accurate weight.

From an empty bag to a full bag

The bag supply to the machine is done by the project-specific empty bag magazine. The empty bags are taken from the magazine one at a time, positioned exactly and opened up by a suction bar. Bag grippers then take over the open bag and hang it securely to the dust-tight filling spout. For compacting your product during and after filling, we equip the TOPLINE® with vibrating units. If necessary we also include an additional vacuum probe. Bag closing is done either by folding, welding or gluing.