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  • Valve bag technology
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  • Big bag filling
  • Liquid filling
  • Conveying and loading system
  • Bulk loading
  • Palletizing
  • Mineral processing
TOPLINE® packing system

HAVER TOPLINE® 300 – for filling powder-products and flour

The complete bag processing – from feeding, filling, compacting and to closing - is done inside a compact, dust-tight encapsulated housing.

HAVER TOPLINE® 600 – 1200 – the fully automatic machines for granulate and pellets

Our TOPLINE® automatic machines for granulate and pellets work according to the net filling principle, where the product is first weighed and then filled with a special granulate flap-type filling spout.

HAVER TOPLINE® 2000 – top capacity requiring the least amount of space

The TOPLINE® 2000 requires little space and reaches speeds of 30 bags/min.

HAVER ORBIS® – the rotating filling system for powder and flour products

Like the TOPLINE®, the ORBIS® was specially developed for powder and flour products. The main advantage: It rotates and is equipped with multiple, dust-tight powder spouts.